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Four things I learnt this week from reading PR blogs April 28, 2011

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There are many things to learn from reading other people’s blog; the layout, content and structure are all important and can make or break a blog. Here are some hints and tips to make the most out of a blog:

Keep the structure clear with a range of sentences and paragraphs making it simple and easy to read. This is important as readers tend to switch off after three or four paragraphs, so it can help both the writer and the reader of the blog.

Content is another important feature of blogs, the more relevant the blog the more comments the blog shall receive. This shows people are interested and can help on feedback to make your next blog even better.

Keeping in touch with your blog is also important, when people comment on your blog, especially with questions answer them. This is a good way to connect to people interested in what you write and create a following.

Foursquare has been a topic widely blogged about and I have learnt the positive and negatives of such social media. The obvious benefits are for companies. However, security risks are high.


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