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The Royal Wedding: A PR Tool April 19, 2011

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With only two weeks until the Royal wedding it is hard to get through the day, let alone hour without hearing or seeing something to do with the event. Just this morning I was up for twenty minutes before hearing something about the Royal wedding.

From watching television, listening to the radio or just walking down the street businesses are cashing in on the Royal wedding. Advertising and Public Relations teams have gone crazy promoting their brand with the association of the event.

Morrison’s is just one example of a company endorsing the Royal Wedding, emphasising its British products with a famous British cricket player. The end shot of the advert being British flags and the tag line ‘Lets celebrate‘.

PR companies have also taken advantage of the Royal Wedding, ‘within minutes of the announcement that Prince William and Kate Middleton were engaged to be married, PR companies across the country leapt into action by using the engagement to publicise their travel clients’ (Telegraph).

The most obvious PR companies using the Royal wedding to promote is the travel industry. ‘Travel PRs have gone into overdrive. VisitBritain had an instant royal wedding itinerary ready, aimed principally at US visitors’ (Guardian).

PR is very much based around the idea of positive association and with the Royal Wedding being one of the biggest British events of the year, PR companies are cashing in on the benefits of such an event.





One Response to “The Royal Wedding: A PR Tool”

  1. Hannah Elkes Says:

    The Royal Wedding has been dubbed the ‘media event of the year’, as more than 24 million viewers tuned in to watch William and Kate marry. The amount of social media activity surrounding the big day emphasises the power of online communication and the scale of the audiences that it can reach. It is quick and easy, but most importantly it is instant.
    Advertising and public relations teams definitely went crazy promoting their brand with the association of the Royal Wedding. It would be strange for them not to cash in on the benefits of such a big and prestigious event. Every other advert was to do with the wedding, and the news didn’t stop talking about it for weeks. I have to say I was getting a bit sick of it and couldn’t wait for it to be over! So did the media go a bit overboard on the coverage? The amount of coverage surrounding what they were going to wear, Kate in particular, all seemed a bit pointless.
    The news, PR and advertising definitely worked on me though. After being not very interested in the wedding, I found myself watching the whole thing and feeling rather patriotic. I even bought a British flag!
    Since the wedding took place though, I’ve hardly heard anything about it and the hysteria surrounding the event seems to have stopped.

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