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Comparisons of media use March 31, 2011

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When debating how much people use media today, I decided to interview a student two years older than myself to see how our media use differs.

Questioned asked:

  • What is your most popular medium?
  • When did you first get a computer?
  • When did you first get the internet?
  • How did you learn to use computers and the internet?

Lucy’s most popular use of media is, like many students, the internet. Facebook, Twitter, Hotmail and Google mail as well as online shopping and news updates are her most common uses of the internet. This is similar to myself, when discussing how many hours a week we use the internet we were shocked to think about the pointless hours of trying to distract ourselves from more important stuff. The total hours a week was about 56, which is about eight hours a day. Although this not be direct use of the internet, like many people today the internet is accessible more ales everywhere we go.

Lucy’s second most popular form of media was radio followed by television. Although I use both of these mediums I tend to gain access to these mediums through the internet.

When looking at the back ground of our media use from childhood. Both of our main media use was television where we watched children’s television. However, by ten years old our homes had access to the internet. It is shocking to think the developments media has had in our lifetimes and is something that shall continue to change the way the world operates. Only 21.1% of the world’s population have the internet which is a shocking figure, especially when thinking I have been one of the lucky few that have had internet access and been taught how to use new technologies  since a young age.


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