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Public Relations or Social Media? March 26, 2011

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After reading a blog post by Stuart Bruce, Who am I? PR or Social media? It inspired me to look at my own social media from Face book to LinkedIn.

I have used social media as a form of socialising with old, current and new friends since I was about 15 years old. I mainly use Face book and found it a great tool just before coming to University as it allowed me to connect with people who were going to be living in the same student halls or doing the same course. This took away some of the worries I had about coming to University. When talking to older generations about this use of social media some were jealous of tools my generations have today. Since being a University I think it is true to say that students could not live without it today.

In recent months and since taking Public Relations as a module I have found myself exploring new forms of social media from using Twitter, LinkedIn and Word press to Facebook . However, I use these sites for different reasons. Whereas Facebook I see as just a social tool, Twitter I use to be regularly updated with news and people of interest and LinkedIn I use for an online CV making myself known in the right networks in hope for a boost up the job ladder when I finally graduate.

This has led me to question what social media is about, socialising or about giving yourself good PR? Although, when i first used social media it was for the former, recently it was changed. Depending on how you use social media I think many people without knowing it are branding themselves from the profile picture you pick to the interests you say you have; you can brand yourself in relation to networks and people you follow at the same time as getting your point across.

So I ask the question is social media PR?



One Response to “Public Relations or Social Media?”

  1. Ellie Says:

    I got my job through them looking at my facebook profile. They told me they find it’s a good way of finding out about a persons personality/social skills etc outside of an offical interview.

    My sister studies Public Relations and my mum works in marketing, both of them use social media in their work.

    so yeah, I recon social media is PR.

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