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Politics, Public relations and Media. March 9, 2011

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In May this year the United Kingdom shall be given a referendum on the voting system, given the choice of the current system, First Past the Post (FPTP) or the Alternative Vote (AV). With this in mind PR is at the centre of the campaigns trying to communicate effective arguments for both sides and new media is a commonly used tool to allow people to understand and be persuaded on what they shall be voting for.

As new media has arisen the face of politics has under gone many changes. From election strategies to voting systems new media has allowed political communication to advance and public relations (PR) has a huge part to play in this new media.

There are two campaigns ‘Vote No to AV’ and ‘Yes to AV/Fairer Votes’ these two campaigns have used a number of mediums from billboards, social networking sites to YouTube to target their audiences and persuade them to vote for or against AV. This shows how much media has changed politics in the past 40 years, the electorate being targeted more by wider mediums and becoming arguably more informed.

As commented on ‘The drum’ website the campaigns have targeted every medium to increase voter turnout as well as ‘sell’ their argument. Politics, Public Relations and the Media are all so closely linked today it is debatable whether media helps enhance democracy.





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